Kaspersky Your Voice


It is the most entertaining corporate survey

Is it possible to make the corporate survey popular?
Only if you change its image and show it more friendly, funny and open. Our team and Kaspersky managed to do it.

Survey in Kaspersky is not so long-winded: during several previous years it was narrowed down to a few key questions. And we decided to highlight it.

Your voice. Your choice. Your click.

We developed a corporate style for the employees’ survey. With a creative, bright, modern and simple concept.
We have tried many variants.

As a result, we settled on maximum simple and straightforward one.

The message is simple: it is quick and easy to complete the survey. As fast as popping the bubbles in the safety film.
So that everyone can see that, we made posters with real bubble film.

We created a survey page on the internal portal. We kept the texts to minimum, showed visual, bright, and concise demonstration.
And we raffled off branded T-shirts.

And it worked. The employees not only got to know about the survey, but also imbued with it, answered the questions and helped Kaspersky to get better.