MIR of technology

Payment system MIR

Stylish gifts for holidays

MIR is quality, speed, modern technologies. And MIR runs around you. That’s why the gifts from the Russian payment system are practical modern gadgets and ultra-stylish designer packaging.

We based on the current brand communication “MIR runs around you” and turned it into a design style of gifts for the New Year and gender holidays.

New Year’s gifts are packaged in an evacuated blister and non-standard box. The style is laconic, everything is in white colors – revealing the theme of the advanced technologies.

In the center of the composition is a mirrorlike circle, around which the icons of hobbies and spheres of life rotate. A person who receives a gift can see himself and the world running around him in the reflection.

Gifts are modern gadgets that improve the life quality.
In such a way we send an idea how comfortable to operate the payment system.