ROSBANK L’Hermitage


Corporate identity of the Private banking subdivision of Rosbank.

Premium-level in details

Creating the corporate identity as well as production of printed materials and giftware of premium-version for Rosbank VIP-clients. A wide range of products with a particular focus on details.

The corporate identity of Private banking addresses to the issue of genealogy, family-run business, heritage and traditions.
It shall be perfect in each detail, self-composed and laconic.

Success is a state

After the corporate identity has been developed, we launched constantly updating range of branded products for the clients of Private banking.

A guilloche technique that refers to engravings and traditions was taken as a base for this kind of identity.
Restrained colors in full comply with the created image.

A tree is a symbol of heritage, growth and prosperity.

Special focus in L’Hermitage is on the printed materials: certificates, prospects, cards. We carefully choose the material, method of production and printing for each of them.
A premium-version products should be distinguished by attention to details.

A booklet broadside. The elements of a corporate identity of the Societe Generale group are used in the updated design.